Crocs are known all over the world, but the brand means different things to different people and cultures. Some love 'em while others find them polarizing. So we helped ground the brand in a mission the whole world could get behind, "everyone comfortable in their own shoes."  To kick off the celebration, actress Drew Barrymore stepped out of her comfort zone and got comfortable singing and dancing in the global debut of Crocs: The Musical. (Over 11M views in its first month) 

Next, we invited people to join the celebration with a custom Snapchat lens. Fans could sing along to the musical and get comfortable in their own shoes, literally. (4M users in the first ten days.) 

The celebration continued across the globe with an all-star mash up including Canadian singer Henry Lau and the infamous K-pop Star, Yoona. 

Then Yoona took Asia by storm with a solo debut of her own.

SR. CW: Dominique Curtis I  SR. AD: Fernando Suarez I  SONGWRITER: Dominique Curtis I SR. STRATEGIST: Elizabeth Tavera