BLACK IS HUMAN: protect and serve

How do you pull the trigger on a child? You don't see him as one. Research shows that black boys are seen as older, less innocent, and more prone to police brutality. To change the hearts and minds of America, I set out to shoot a PSA called  If I Grow Up. However, as I listened to what most of the boys wanted to become, I uncovered a story much more profound. 

Within a couple of weeks the  PSA series received about 300,000 views on Facebook alone. This content provided a strong launch for the Black is Human brand, gaining almost 4,000 Facebook fans out of the gate.  

Unfortunately, a boy from our PSA series later became a victim of Chicago gun violence. While one video cannot stop gun violence, it can shift the narrative. Headlines swept the nation, celebrating Zarriel Trotter as an anti-violence hero. When he finally pulled through his recovery, he saw that his life was indeed valued all across America.

COPYWRITER: Dominique Monet I DIRECTOR: Dominique Monet